VMware下Win7系统出现大量可删除ATA Channel的解决办法

遇到这个问题的人不少,Windows7下面的那个安全删除硬件下面一大堆的ATA Channel X,基本上发帖问的都是有强迫症的,也没人放Google找就发帖问,作为严重强迫症用户找到了解决方案VMware官方文档


devices.hotplug = "false"


Making an Ejectable Device Un-Ejectable

The way to get rid of the option to eject the virtual disk is to make Windows believe that it is not hot-pluggable. This can be achieved by modifying the corresponding device capabilities registry value. That, however, is complicated by the facts that only SYSTEM has write access to the registry key and that Windows re-writes the correct value when booting – re-enabling HotPlug. The solution is to execute a computer startup script via Group Policy. Startup scripts are run in SYSTEM context, and since the script runs every time the system is booted we can be sure the device capabilities value is always configured the way we want it to be.

To implement the solution, create a batch file with the following content and run it as a computer startup script:


Note: The second command is for disabling network card ejection. This is an alternative to setting “devices.hotplug=false” in the VMX file.




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